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Chef Ray

I am in charge of the Prego Mauri Restaurant situated in Kiarong/Kiulap the latest addition to our group of restaurants and have worked for this company for 7 years now and I never get tired of learning in the FB industry

Love Chef Mauri Vision where he spend a lot of time to train us to his standard and then gives us the freedom of expression when it comes to our Specials.

I have started to work as a Pizza Delivery Boy and Food Runner but Chef Mauri vision is that all those who have the will to learn and desire to achieve can make to the top and that really has been my story

Yes there have been days and Night where I thought is this all worth.....and in all honest it truly is.  Chef Mauri has always pushed me to move forward and when ever I make mistake He did tell me off but He also teach me on how to fix the problem.  Been in charge of an Outlet it means much more then cooking and since Chef Mauri has always instructed me if we ever fall make sure first not to fall bad but more importantly get up look why you fell and ensure that that type of fall will not be repeated

Like many of the other Chef Patrons that work for this company we truly get inspired by Chef Mauri way of Leading the team thinking that from a Pizza Delivery Boy now I am the Chef Patron of an outlet it inspire me to new highs and makes me proud of what I have achieved so far.  So my final comment to you all out there who are reading my story is please do come and visit us here in Kiulap and feel free to have me called at your table and I will do my up-most to match your requirements.

We have a great team here with Bianca been the Dining Supervisor and we make a wonderful team together with the rest of the team.  We are here to serve you the best food at the best prices with a smile in our faces we are here to make you feel at ease and confortable copyright 2010 - 2019
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